Fix You

“When my husband left for his deployment our 6-year old son could not walk on his own. He has cerebral palsy. Doctors originally said that he would never walk or do much of anything. While daddy was away, he learned to walk. For his (daddy’s) homecoming, we set it up for Michael to walk to his daddy for the first time ever! We kept the fact that he could walk a secret the whole time his dad was gone!”   – Melissa Cooney

Buried under the debris of the Haiti earthquake for an entire week, 7-year old Kiki overcomes the odds as he’s rescued from the rubble. Emerging with a bright smile and open arms, his uplifting spirit shone a glimmer of possibility that inspired a world and sent a message that all hope was not lost. 

That which is written above comes from within a video by the acapella group Naturally 7. They want us to watch and share the video of their cover of Coldplay’s Fix You, to watch the images and videos embedded throughout their performance and consider who’s actually fixing whom.

This video inspired me to imagine a large group of caring Christians unloading themselves from their vehicles near a busy streetlight where I often see a husband or his wife begging. I know they’re husband and wife because I’ve spoken to them promising them better-worded signs. I think they make the mistake of attempting to coerce pity from the thousands of wealthy drivers passing by each day. In my opinion, they need to try appealing to the potential generosity of drivers. Maybe their signs could read “Please think of me if you can give.” Because even the poorest among us can give something! The wealthiest of heart might offer friendship instead of pity. The truly generous group might offer hope a new life with new possibilities instead of token $5 bills or leftover fast food. Does it make a difference if those who are begging are disingenuous? Of course! Yet, many beggars and many homeless do want hope but probably have no idea what that would or should look like. They can’t imagine a world “fixed” by Jesus.

Can you imagine Jesus surprising others when he and his disciples often gave themselves to them, treating them with respect and dignifying them, offering them a glimpse of what the world could be like if he were it’s ruler? Imagine what can be possible if we give ourselves away more than ceaselessly worrying about ourselves. Maybe we should burden ourselves less with “What does God have planned for me?” and instead truly lighten the burdens of others more often, thinking, “I am thrilled that God has enabled me to surprise others with the hope I can offer them.” I wonder what our families, our congregations, our communities, our countries and our world could be like if we could all be “fixed” by Jesus, the King of this world. What would it be like if Jesus were managing our businesses, running our schools, and leading our nations?

Inspiration indeed takes on many forms. I pray that this video will cause us to imagine the possibilities.

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